Puff sleeves are back and better than ever!

If like me, you too love to have a peak at the latest fashion trends and have a borderline obsession with online shopping, then this is the blog post for you!

About a week ago I found myself scrolling through the ASOS app (as I often do), and couldn’t help but notice the sheer quantity of absolutely fabulous puff-sleeved garments. While puffy sleeves may remind you of the 80’s or perhaps your mother’s wedding dress, it’s fair to say that the puff is well and truly back, and I couldn’t be happier.

Puffy sleeves not only add an element of pizzazz, but they also hide that weird upper arm flesh which everyone seems to be self-conscious about. They make a plain outfit look swish and a snazzy outfit look extra. If you’re on the lookout for that perfect comfy summer dress or a groovy crop top, then you simply can’t go wrong with a power puff. Therefore, I felt obliged to share some of my favourite ASOS finds with you, covering everything from the ‘Jeans and a Nice Top’ category to the ‘Going OUT Out’ look.

Before we get started though, let me say that while I by no means claim to be a fashionista, AT ALL, I do love to express myself through the outfits I put together and get such great satisfaction out of a stellar fashion find! With that said, let the puff perusing commence!

These puff-sleeved crop tops pair perfectly with some light-washed blue denim jeans, and are really easy to dress up or down with the simple swap between a pair of converse and a high heel.

If you’re looking for something to really emphasise that Spring/Summer vibe then floral is the way to go!

If you know me and my fashion style, then you know that I love a good leopard print and really couldn’t resist adding this flattering, wrap top to my collection. I would pair this with some black skinny jeans and call it a night.

There’s really nothing wrong with keeping it simple and playing it safe, after all, sometimes less is more. If you’re a bit unsure about trying a new style then go for one of these breezy puff-sleeved dresses and let your accessories do the talking.

This tiered, black and white dress is perfect for those transitional times of the year when we’re in between seasons. The black base and neutral pattern means that you can easily wear this into the Autumn with a pair of tights  or in the Spring-time with an over-sized cardigan.

I realise this look is a tad jazzy, with the frills, ruffles, tie detail and puffs… but it works! If I ever get invited to a fancy Summer party this is the dress I want to wear.

There you have it, my favourite puff-sleeved fashion finds. How do you feel about this trend resurfacing though? Let me know in the comments!

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